Associated Student Body

ASB Advisor: Sarah Reimund

The ASB Officers for 2020-2021 are:

  • Sandra A.- President
  • Serena J.- Vice President
  • Jadyn S.- Treasurer
  • Kristine B.- Secretary
  • Antonio M. – Finance Commissioner

ASB Application for 2021-2022

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An additional 15 ASB Commissioners help in coordinating services and events under the supervision of Ms. Reimund and ASB Officers.

ASB members coordinate events, staff the ASB student store, maintain inventory and approve grants directly towards student services and classroom instruction. School spirit events, fundraising, award programs, and leadership activities also support the overall mission of our school.

The ASB office is located near the PE Area and is open during nutrition break, lunch, and occasionally before and after school. The ASB carries a wide assortment of snacks, refreshments, and school supplies. A list of items can be found under ASB store prices, as well as the ASB order form. The ASB only accepts CASH.

Also Falcons we wear Pride Shirts on FRIDAYS!

We have live Virtual Fun Friday Activities

To cap off the weekend there will be Friday music and activities at lunch celebrating school-wide success of students and staff.


ASB stands for Associated Student Body.  ASB is a coalition of an energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated, and resourceful team of students that are elected (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and selected (commissionerships) on a yearly basis through an intensive selection process to represent the entire student body of Hilltop Middle School (HTM).  The purpose of the Hilltop Middle School Associated Student Body (ASB) is to promote the interests and welfare of the school, its students, and the community.  Participating students are expected to take an active part in representing the interest and concerns of the student body in school matters.

ASB Bylaws 2021 School Year

ASB Student Handbook

  • Clubs and Organizations
  • Dance Guidelines
  • Student ID/ASB Card
  • Field Trips
  • Before and After School Program