Black Student Union

Adviser: Gretel Rodriguez

The mission of the Black Student Union is to promote a positive and productive representation of the African American community on and off the Hilltop Middle campus. We promote proactive leadership, scholarship, community outreach, and student empowerment. We embrace our cultural heritage, unity, and the appreciation of diversity.

ALL STUDENTS are welcome to be a part of our mission.

Chinese Club

Adviser:  Weixia Velis

Come to join fun activities to experience Chinese food, games, crafts, movie and much more Thursday after school. Anyone is welcome.

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Advisers: Rachel Rohrer and Erin Southam

Dungeons& Dragons Club will surely be an enjoyable experience! Students will create characters and set them into a magic world with endless possibilities! There are rules, of course, but that won’t hold you back too much. Make friends with everything and anything, go ahead. Become a millionaire, sure. Fight demons and monsters, can do. Trick a clan of goblins into thinking your a god, why not. Be as weird and creative as you want in Dungeons & Dragons Club. The sky is the limit!

E.P.I.C. Club

Adviser: Carmela Golden

The E.P.I.C Club is focused on Equality, Peace, Inclusion, and Community. Are you interested in social justice, civil rights, equality, and inclusion? Come join our club! We are looking for a group of students who want to make the world a better place by celebrating all of the things that make us unique. Join us as we organize a DAY OF SILENCE and other fun events (and possibly field trips) this year!


Advisers: Aida Jarrett and Laurie Worthington

French Club

French Club

Adviser: Irma Yepiz

Students in the French Club learn about French and francophone culture around the world. Students don’t have to be students of French to belong to the club. It is open to all students on campus. Students participate in a variety of activities such as the Cinéma Françaisthéâtre/opéra, museum visits, culinary classes, and cultural celebrations.  As students learn about French culture, they enrich and broaden their cultural knowledge, and pass on to others what they have learned.

Website: Hilltop Middle FLAGS French

Gaming Club

Adviser: Daniel Rojas

Harry Potter Book Club

Adviser: Erin Southam

Students read and discuss the books in the Harry Potter series as well as fandom related topics, and take part in fun wizarding activities such as wand-making, Muggle Quidditch, wizard dueling, and much more. Club students help put on our annual event Pottercon each year. This is a truly magical club!

HTM Fandom Club

Advisers: Erin Southam and Laurie Worthington

What is a fandom? It’s a group of people interested in books, comics, anime, TV shows, movies, games, and more! This is a club where all fandoms are welcome and appreciated! All students have the opportunity to share fandoms and learn about new fandoms, too. Activities for this club include Comic Con style presentations, special guest presentations, Do-It-Yourself projects, movie field trips, games, and more!

Japan Club

Advisers: Aida Jarrett and Hikaru Adachi

Japan Club is now meeting after school on Wednesdays. Anyone interested in learning about Japan and its culture is welcome. Bring your friends and join the club!

Kids Matter

15-16 Kids Matter

Advisers: Aida Jarrett and Nadine Moen

KIDS MATTER is a club comprised of community-minded students who seek to make a positive difference in the world.  Projects are selected based on student interest.  Students appreciate that they are fulfilling other’s needs and making an impact on people’s lives, as well as their own. Since the club’s inception in the 2010-2011 school year, Kids Matter has embarked on many service projects- feeding the homeless, volunteering a cat shelter, raising money for Japan, tornado victims, Pennies for Pasta, to name  a few.  Do you have a project that you’d like to propose to Kids Matter? Contact Ms. Jarrett for more information. 

Knowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl is an academic quiz bowl-like competition where students compete against other middle schools in SUHSD.  Knowledge Bowl promotes friendly competition, helping students to develop leadership and study skills, and also enhances teamwork. Students practice quick responses turnaround by having their hands ready to buzz in an answer. During practices students partake in friendly competition as they work to earn points. Each match has four quarters. Students rotate each quarter and participate in two rounds per match. Students participate in two matches with two different schools. Knowledge Bowl Topic range from history, to language arts, to mathematics, or modern culture. Students also collaborate on sharing shared knowledge and develop on building teamwork. A positive supportive environment welcomes all participants.  After each session there is a profound sense of accomplishment. Matches end with a display of camaraderie as school teams exchange high fives and display genuine sportsmanship as they congratulate each other. 

K-Pop Variety Club

Adviser: Angel Prado

Are you interested in Korean culture or K-Pop? Come join KVC! Our official name is K-Pop Variety Club, and we do a multitude of things. Some of our activities are dancing and learning K-Pop song choreography, trivia about the culture, variety show games, and more. We also do performances, but those are optional.


Adviser: Gretel Rodriguez

(Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan)

MEChA is an acronym that stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán. We are a Mexican-American student organization that promotes higher education, community engagement, political participation, culture, and history. MEChA chapters seek to open the doors of higher education for our communities. MEChA is open to anyone, and does not exclude membership based on socio-economic status, gender, race, or orientation.

Robotics Club

Adviser: Jennifer Young

Teams will design and build a robot then compete against other schools in a game where the robots (driven by a student) throw balls at targets, move pieces on the playing field, and climb onto a platform to earn points. We have a district-wide middle school league that competes on four different Saturdays at four different High schools for ranking matches. Each team will compete in three of the four Ranking sessions.

Science Club

Adviser: Kaylynn Einfalt

In Science Club, students will perform fun science experiments after school and discuss the amazing science behind these phenomena. Students will then get to design and perform their own science experiments and show them at the District STEAM Research Fair. Students must sign a safety contract to participate in experiments. All materials will be provided by the Science Club. All students are welcome! Students also help with Family Science Night and other school wide events. We meet on Thursdays in room 701.