WINGS Newsletter 05-30-17

38th and last newsletter for SY 2016-17…  Someone once said to me, “Are you crazy?! You’re putting out a newsletter EVERY week?!”  Yes, it’s extra work for a first-year administrator who’s already had to navigate challenging learning curves, but the newsletter was a way for me to get to know Hilltop Middle School community.  So regardless of the work, I have gained so much from doing this every week.  It truly was a privilege!

So, happy last week of school, Falcons!  Please click on the link for the Wings (5/29/2017) Edition: Equity, Culture, and Support Services.  In this edition, we are featuring the following:

  • 7th Grade EOC Schedule for May 30 to June 1st
  • 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony information – Check out 8th Grade Picnic tweets!
  • SDCOE’s Program Evaluation Institute
  • SBCS Promise Neighborhood’s “Academic Advocate Night”
  • Falcon FLIGHT’s “WE Day”
  • Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (RFEP) Reclassification Ceremony and Celebration
  • Good-byes and Hellos – Summer Kick-Off

This is the last week of school for SY 2016-2017.  YEAH!  Thank you for following the HTM WINGS Newsletter every week. See you next school year!