The district provides each student with an iPad, heavy-duty cover, and charger.  Each student is issued an iPad with a unique asset tag and students must return that iPad with the same asset tag at the end of the school year.  iPads and accessories are on loan to students and must be returned in good condition. Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Put   student’s    name,   student   ID#   and   6-digit    birthdate   in   the   “About”    section,   under   Settings>  General.
  • Power cords are fragile.   Keep the charger in a safe location at home.   Charge the iPad at that location as needed.
  • iPad screens are fragile, use the district-issued heavy-duty case at all times.  Do not bump the iPad screen or keep the iPad in an overfull backpack.
  • Clean the screen with a soft dry cloth.  Students may use screen protectors.
  • iPads are for student use only.
  • NEVER leave the iPad unattended.  Students are responsible for iPad loss/ theft.


1.  Students will bring their mobile devices to school each morning with the batteries fully charged.  A fully charged  iPad  should  easily  last  throughout  the  day.    It’s  best  to  charge   the  iPads  at  home.    This  avoids  loss or damage.

2.  It is important to limit personal pictures and to make sure the iPad works effectively. Each student will have a Google Drive account for storage.  Your photos and videos should not take up more than 1 GB of space on your iPad.

3.  Students will immediately report all malfunctions, damage, or loss of an iPad to the library.

4.  Students will use their iPads during the school day for school-related purposes.  Students should only use the iPads in supervised areas, such as classrooms and the library.

5.  All student iPads will be managed and synced within the school network.  Deleted profiles are strictly prohibited.

6.  The following actions are strictly prohibited:

  • Deleting SUHSD profiles.
  • Deleting SUHSD Apps.
  • Having inappropriate content on your iPad.
  • Using social networking apps or websites.
  • Taking pictures or videos without permission.
  • Distributing photos or videos of others on social media.

 iPad Agreement – English

iPad Agreement – Spanish

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SUHSD Board Policy Lost Damaged Materials – English

SUHSD Board Policy Lost Damaged Materials – Spanish

iPad Damage, Loss, Theft – English

iPad Damage, Loss, Theft – Spanish