HTM offers a variety of Intramural Athletic opportunities to eligible students which serve to complement HTM’s Physical Education program and are perfect for students who are motivated to participate in team sports outside of class.  Opportunities include Flag Football, Cheer, Girls and Boys Soccer, Girls and Boys Basketball, Girls and Boys Volleyball, Boys Baseball and Girls Softball, with additional sports programs under development.   HTM’s Intramural Athletic teams are tryout-based, and teams compete against other middle schools in the Sweetwater Union High School District.  HTM has a long tradition of excellence in Intramural Athletics, recently winning the championships in boys basketball and actively preparing athletes for success in high school sports and beyond.  Student-athletes must be academically eligible to participate.  Eligible athletes require parent consent and must maintain a 2.0 or above grade point average (GPA) and be in good standing on campus.


By the end of the school year, teachers in the AVID Site Team will be able to…

  • Encourage students to engage in critical thinking
  • Encourage students to utilize Cornell note-taking and organization
  • Encourage students to participate in small group collaborative learning
  • Work with content area teachers to implement AVID skills across campus
  • Close the achievement gap by rewriting and implementing the AVID Site Plan
  • Encourage SLANT (Sitting in the front, Leaning forward, Asking questions, Nodding your head, Talking to your teachers)
  • Promote the use of academic language


Hilltop Middle School offers a variety of Student Club and Organizations. See the complete list and descriptions on the CLUBS page.

Falcon Flight Before and After School Program

The Falcon Flight program is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Priority is given to students who attend five days a week for the full program time 6:30 A.M. -8:05 A.M. (Morning Program) and 3:05 P.M. to 6:05 PM (Afternoon Program).


Foreign Language And Global Studies is a teamed program of students, teachers, and parents. Students in our program have a dedicated team of teachers that purposefully collaborate to create rigorous interdisciplinary units and projects in order to expand students’ global awareness and increase their knowledge of current events.

Special Education

By the end of the school year, students in Special Education will be able to…

  • Advocate for themselves in all areas.
  • Achieve their IEP academic and social goals.
  • Acknowledge when they’re dysregulated and utilize appropriate coping skills to deescalate.

Technology Program

Hilltop Middle School’s Technology Programs foster students through relationship building and provide project based learning experiences that engage us in partnerships with families and our community. This enables students to strengthen their own confidence and self-worth by developing a growth-mindset, allowing students to express their learning in different ways. The Technology Programs are for all students to experience the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics and to prepare for upper grade levels in our increasingly technology driven society.

Visual and Perofrming Arts (VAPA)

Hilltop Middle School’s Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) program offers HTM students the opportunity to continue with ther previous studies in Art and Music or they can begin now. VAPA classes are a 6-year path in our SUHSD District that can take them from a beginner level through advanced. Events that SUHSD students will get to experience in VAPA are: District Art Showcase, District Band Pageant, District String Fest, District Holiday Sing; plus events that are tailored to our school such as concerts on and off campus, art displays, and community engagement. For students who plan to go on to a college or university path; being involded in VAPA can open up additional scholarship opportunities. Take your first step in the VAPA journey in SUHSD at Hilltop Middle School now.

Elective classes currently being offered are: Art, Band (Beginning and Intermediate), Guitar (Beginning), and Strings/Orchestra(Beginning and Advance). HTM will provide students with an instrument to check out at no cost if students do not own their own instrument.

Hilltop Middle School Music Program