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Danielle Bruce

Band: Do you want to learn how to play a band instrument? Do you already know how to play a band instrument? Join Band at Hilltop Middle School! You can learn to play the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba, or percussion. Each students gets a FREE instrument and no experience is necessary. The class includes students who are brand new at learning their instrument, as well as students who have some experience on their instrument. Students who have excellent citizenship in the class are invited to join us on our trip to Knott’s Berry Farm in May!

Beginning Strings: Are you interested in learning how to play a string instrument? We offer violin, viola, cello, and string bass. Each student gets a free instrument! You do not need to have any prior experience to join Beginning Strings. You will learn how to read music from the very beginning and will eventually move on to more advanced techniques with the bow. The Beginning Strings class typically performs twice a year, at the winter and spring concerts. Students who have excellent citizenship in the class are invited to join us on our trip to Knott’s Berry Farm in May!

Advanced Strings: Advanced Strings is an orchestra class for students who have more than 1 year of experience on either violin, viola, cello or bass. You must be comfortable reading music and playing with a group. The Advanced Strings class has many travelling and performing opportunities.  We will perform multiple concerts each semester; we will perform on our own campus, as well as at other schools in the area. Advanced Orchestra takes an annual trip to Knott’s Berry Farm for our end of the year performance and day of fun in the park.

Mary Minaudo

Visual Arts & Craft: Hilltop Middle school’s art program is a class that students enjoy. We do different projects that teach students the design process from start to finish. Students become the artist and are encouraged to be creative while developing technical skills and knowledge about artist materials. Our projects introduce students to important periods in art, and learn about an artist by creating a work of art in their style. It gives students an artist perspective and walks them through different viewpoints of art and the important role it plays in our world. Not all projects are produced individually, they learn to work as teams, and to respect individual ideas and talents, but mostly to be proud of themselves and their unique outlook and opinions. Art is for all students who want to explore more about themselves and the world that they will soon fit it. See these Student Work Samples.


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