8th Grade Promotion – June 4th, 2024

Eighth Graders,

There is one requirement for you: you must pass ALL your classes this year for both semesters, if you want to participate in the promotion ceremony on June 4 and receive a certificate of promotion.

Credit recovery courses are in progress. ALL CLASSES ARE DURING THE WEEK, OFFERED ON VARIOUS DAYS. We are offering:

  1. English 8/ELD III Hour 1 – Ms. Holt
  2. General Science 2 – Mr. Betancourt
  3. PE 8 – Mrs. Giles
  4. Integrated Math 8 – Mr. Chaidez
  5. US History (will pilot the Incomplete Grades Program) – Mr. Horton and Mr. Stubbs

We are not offering credit recovery for Elective Courses.

If you have any questions, contact your counselor.

A – Gi: Ms. Santana
Go – Mo: Ms. Haug
Morn – Z: Ms. Orozco