Counseling Center

Counseling Center

The Hilltop Middle School Counseling Center is located in room 203 across from the main office.  Office Hours are 7:45 to 3:15. If you have any questions or concerns, parents are welcome to contact us via phone, email or schedule an appointment.  All counselors can be reached by calling the counseling center at 498-2720.  The counselors can be reached via email.  Parents are welcome to drop-by, but appointments are strongly recommended so we are readily available to meet with you.

Students can visit their counselors before/after school, during nutrition break and lunch.  If a counselor is not available when your student stops by we encourage them to fill out a “Counselor Request Form” available in the Counseling Center, and their counselor will call the student to the Counseling Center during the school day.  Each student is assigned a counselor based on their last name.



Alpha Breakdown


Sharri Santana




Samantha Haug



Brenda Orozco7:45-3:00


 The Counselors are available to meet with students with academic, social and emotional concerns.  We are available to meet with students when the student or parent requests a meeting.  All meetings are confidential unless the student’s safety is a concern.  If the student or parent feel s that ongoing counseling is needed the counselor is able to refer the parent for outside of the school day counseling.

The counselors at Hilltop Middle School do visit classrooms throughout the school year and give presentations providing students with information to help them to be more successful at the middle school and on into high school.  We also have two major Compact for Success events in the school year.  We have our annual SDSU Visit in the Fall and College Making It Happen in the Spring.  We encourage all students and parents to participate.

Monitoring You Student’s Grades

If you would like to monitor your student’s progress we would recommend you check our online grade book regularly.  If you have any questions regarding  please contact the Counseling Center.

Homework Request Policy

Students must miss a minimum of 3 days to request homework through the Counseling Center. If the student is out less than three days, we recommend they request work from their teachers upon their return.

The counseling secretary can assist with collecting homework when a student misses three or more days of school.

College and Career Readiness: Compact for Success

8th Grade Newsletter

Distance Learning Resource:

Falcon Families we have created a Virtual Calm Room, we hope you will find activities that will help you find calm during these difficult times.  Check in every month as we will change the different rooms to give you a variety of techniques to help give you a sense of balance.  Be well Falcon Family!  We are here for you!

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