Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Dear Falcon Student and Families,

Welcome to Hilltop Middle School (HTM), a California Distinguished School and home of the Falcons. I am excited that you are a member of our Falcon community. Our mission states: Hilltop Middle School, in partnership with our community, will inspire, guide and empower all students to thrive in a healthy environment that fosters a culture of learning. That is our goal in the two years that your children are with us.

HTM offers a plethora of academic opportunities and extracurricular activities designed to provide learning experiences that encourages them to deepen their love of learning. One of our programs is the Foreign Language and Global Studies (FLAGS), which provides a multi-disciplinary experience for students who are part of this program. One of our goals this year, and moving forward, is to create more teams so that that every student is part of a multi-disciplinary community. In addition to the language electives associated with FLAGS, HTM offers additional electives such as Computer Science, CTE Gateway to Technology, Yearbook (8th grade only); Arts and Crafts, Beginning Band, Intermediate/Advanced Band, Guitar, Beginning Orchestra, AVID and AVID Excel.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities, a majority of which is part of our before and after school program called Falcon Flight. Many of these activities include our middle school athletic programs. These include Fall Sports (basketball, baseball and softball, cheerleading), Winter Sports (soccer, cheerleading) and Spring Sports (volleyball, flag football, field hockey, cheerleading). Falcon Flight requires enrollment into the program which mandates all participants to attend a minimum of three (3) days a week.  Students may be part of Falcon Flight for non-athletic activities. During the school day, students can be a part of clubs that often meet during lunch and sometimes after school. We encourage all students to be a part of at least one extracurricular activity.

Academic support is available to all students via our Falcon Scholars Program, which is offered Mondays – Thursdays immediately after school. Saturday Academy is also available for students with chronic tardies and absences. Furthermore, many teachers and departments host their own academic support for their own students.

It is my hope that your children and you will have a memorable experience at HTM. I look forward to an amazing journey with you.


Gina Galvez-Mallari
Proud Principal